The Tenant Academy

The Tenant Academy is committed to helping Swindon Borough Council tenants who want to learn new skills, develop their confidence and support those who are ready to get into employment.

Through our partners from different organisations that are linked with employers, the Tenant Academy offers a range of FREE courses in order to help you find work, such as: Business Administration, Health and Social Care, Customer Service Skills, Fork Lift Licence, Security Badge etc.

In trying to achieve this, the Tenant Academy has identified some of the barriers that might stop you from attending these courses, for example:

- You might lack the confidence in meeting new people,

- You might be unsure on how and where to start, or

- You might lack the financial aid in getting childcare, dependent care and the transport to and from locations.

To overcome these barriers the Tenant Academy can provide personalised support depending on individual circumstances.

Some tenants have already been successfully helped back into work, following the support and advice from the Tenant Academy.

Ms G tells us her story:

"Due to circumstances I became a singly mum of five young children. I found myself not knowing what the future held for me and my children. I left school with minimal qualifications and after coming in and speaking to the Tenant Academy about the Benefit Cap and how it would effect my family they offered me the opportunity to study with Learn Direct starting with an employability course which I then went on to study Health and Social care. They were also able to help with my childcare to enable me to attend these courses.

Because of that opportunity, I was able to go to my first job interview as a potential care officer and was then offered the job the same day.

I have been working for the past six weeks and I love my job. It's a very rewarding career and without the help from the Tenant Academy I wouldn't be able to financially support my children and I feel that I'm able to make a difference to my children's lives."

Another tenant that came through the Tenant Academy, Ms Z from Stratton completed a Food Hygiene course through the Tenant Academy and with their support and guidance she was given advice on how she could take the next step towards employment and was then referred to Learn Direct. Ms Z then found a job as a carer, and after a couple of months she felt she had gained the confidence to continue applying to jobs. The Tenant Academy then received a call from Ms Z to say thank you for all of their help and to say that she had secured a new job as a Mortgage Advisor with Nationwide. In a letter Ms Z said:

"I am writing this in hope that it can bring hope to those who read it and acknowledge the extraordinary work being done by Swindon Borough Council. About two years ago I was homeless, destitute, and five months pregnant. I was able to secure temporary accommodation through Swindon Borough Council which then put me on a path to bid for permanent housing.

After a year of bidding I came across an officer from the Tenant Academy at a course being offered at the Drove Children's Centre. She immediately recognised some sort of potential in me and urged me to sign up for any and every course I was eligible for. Through her mentoring, motivation and encouragement; today although a single mum I am proud to say that I am a productive member of society, living in a newly built 2 bedroom flat, permanently employed and putting my degrees as well as life experience to good use.

I am thankful for where I am now and I'm most grateful for the journey."

For more information, or to register your interest in any of our courses, please contact:

Nicky Wirsiy on 01793 463320 or Jenna King on 01793 464446

Alternatively you can email:

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