Are you a Joint Tenant whose Partner has Left?

Are you a Joint Tenant whose Partner has Left?

A tenancy is a legal contract between the Council and the tenants named on the tenancy agreement. When one of the joint tenants’ leaves due to a relationship breakdown, their legal interest doesn’t end until this is done in a formal manner. If this isn’t done it can cause problems in the future and could affect a tenant’s claim for Universal Credit, applying for rehousing or a transfer.

In a recent case a tenant had to get an urgent Court appointment after their partner, who had moved out ten years previously, ended their tenancy and left them facing eviction. Don’t get caught out, if you are in this position or know of somebody who might be, please contact your Housing Officer as they will be able to explain your options to you.

Have you told us about a new partner?

If somebody moves into your home it is important to tell us. It is a requirement that you tell Housing about any changes to your circumstances, this is as much for your benefit as it is for ours. Your partner’s rights will be compromised if something happens to you and you’ve failed to declare your living arrangements. Unfortunately this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, so please remember to keep Housing informed.

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