Major Adaptation Case

When we need to rehouse a tenant because of a severe mobility issue we often have to create a tailor-made solution for that specific tenant, to an existing home; we are not usually able to supply purpose-built properties. Plans are drawn up for adaptations, in some cases even an extension to the property, which, can be extremely costly. This may also mean that the tenant has to wait whilst the adaptations are carried out, sometimes this takes months and months, often because of building regulations. It also means that if the tenant eventually leaves the property SBC has a building that it either needs to re-adapt or find a tenant with similar mobility issues to move in.

A local family had been on the SBC waiting list for a long time, not only did they need to move to a larger property they also needed a property that could have major adaptations made to it for one of their family members. Officers from the housing teams had been working with the family for a couple of years looking at all available options and were running out of ideas. The Occupational Therapy Team were highlighting the health of the individual as a priority and somewhere needed to be found. Lettings Officers working with one of the Project Surveyors along with the family were able to find a property currently being built by one of our partners. By explaining the needs of the family to the housing provider, they agreed to build in the necessary adaptions and wheelchair accessibility to the property as it was being constructed; saving SBC considerable amounts of money.

The family have seen the plans for their new home and are over the moon and hope to move in soon.

The property that the family leave will then be advertised for re-letting.

Housing can assist in making your home more suitable to live in and can enable you to manage more independently. To do this, an Occupational Therapist carries out an assessment and identifies any necessary adaptations and equipment to meet the individuals requirements.

To request an assessment by an Occupational Therapist please contact Careline on 0800 08566 66.

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