"This job gives my life structure and routine..."

My name is Naomi, I'm 17 years old and I haven't had the easiest start to life.

I have been in and out of foster care for most of my life and on average I think I have been to around 35 different foster homes in the space of 14 years.

People say that being in foster care must be the most horrible experience to go through, and in some cases that can be true, but most often the foster carers in and around Swindon are absolutely incredible. I give a lot of credit to foster carers as it is a very hard and emotional job to handle. You come across a wide variety of different children with different backgrounds. I lived with two remarkable foster carers from the age of 9 until 16. When I first met them it was incredibly scary and daunting, but all I wanted was a home to call my own and a family that loved me and that is what I got. Without these people I really do not know where I would be today. They not only fed me and clothed me, but they put a roof over my head. They welcomed me as one of their own children and loved me more than anyone ever has.

I class myself as extremely lucky to have found these people and they have made me into a very strong minded young woman.

I now work with Swindon Borough Council in the Housing department as a Housing Apprentice in the HomeBid team. This role mainly consists of dealing with and processing Housing applications, making sure that the applicant meets the correct Housing criteria.

My first two weeks have been exceptional and I have not only learnt a great deal, but I am also building on my skills and confidence in and around the workplace. In my opinion, Swindon Borough Council is an amazing career opportunity. The people are so kind and welcoming.

This apprenticeship is truly the best thing that has happened to me. This job gives my life structure and routine, which everybody needs in their day-to-day life. The opportunities that Swindon Borough Council Housing apprentices get are so worthwhile, and I feel very confident within myself that I will go far in my role.

Another benefit of working with Swindon Borough Council is that you are able to shadow all the different departments and learn about the different roles within the Council and again develop your knowledge on a wider scale, you will find out how all these roles link together.

Two to three years ago I would never have expected to have had this opportunity, it just goes to show that no matter what the background or how difficult you have had it, you are capable of anything that you put your mind to.

Find out more about apprenticeships with Swindon Borough Council Housing here.

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