Pest Problems

The Council are receiving more and more complaints regarding rat infestations in the Lower Penhill area. These rodents need to be controlled as they can transmit diseases to humans. In a home, they will take residence under floorboards, in lofts and inside wall cavities.

Rats are rodents, and all rodents gnaw and their teeth continually grow and they also need to scratch to file their claws, the same as we clip our nails.

They gnaw on a variety of surfaces, but they really seem to like electrical wires.

Pest Control Services have attended several properties in the area and found that the rats are becoming increasingly unresponsive to bait and poisons due to a new breed of 'super rat'. It is therefore vital that we all play our part in preventing rats entering our homes.

Rats can fit into a hole the size of approximately 3/4 inch. Please check the external walls of your home for cracks and holes. If you find any, please report these to Housing Repairs 01793 445503.

Thames Water upon my request have thoroughly investigated the sewers and pipework in the area. Very little evidence was found to suggest that the sewers are the cause. Thames Water deem the issue to be caused by the rubbish accumulation in gardens, streets, alleyways and the stream within this location.

It is everyone's responsibility to help prevent rodents. Swindon Borough Council can only request a Surveyor to attend your property to check it is void of holes and cracks. We will not finance Pest Control Services. If you know of any person who is incorrectly disposing waste within this area or has a garden full of rubbish, please call either your Neighbourhood Housing Officer or the Gardens Project Officer on 01793 445503 to report this. It will remain anonymous. You can inform us anonymously. You can also report these issues on the Swindon Borough Council website

We will take action against any tenant who is found to be responsible for inappropriate dumping of waste.

If you are struggling with recycling or waste disposal, please contact Waste Services on 01793 445501 or check the Council website for advice.

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