Home Sweet Home Visits

After our tenants have moved into their new property, we will send them a 'Home Sweet Home' card, asking if they have settled into their new home and if they would like a visit from one of our Tenant Liaison Officers.

The normal response is that they would like to arrange a visit to express any problems they have come across with their new home. After discussing any issues with the Tenant Liaison Officer, we will do our best to resolve the issues they have come across since moving into their home.

Recently, I received a call from two sisters who had moved into a two-bedroomed flat. They were concerned that there were some outstanding repairs which I did my best to resolve.

What came next nearly blew me away, once the issues were resolved, the two sisters were absolutely ecstatic with their flat. They were so thankful that the problems had been resolved.

Following this, they were both very keen to get involved in the community to help others that are less fortunate than themselves. One of the sisters has now become a Street Rep for their local area.

I am so humbled by how happy and thankful these lovely ladies were for everything.

Pictured above: Sandie, one of the sisters

now giving back to their community.

To find out more about becoming a Street Rep, click here.

To find out more about our 'Home Sweet Home' visits, please call 01793 445503.

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