Fire Safety Letter to tenants in High Rise Blocks

A letter to all residents in our eight (8) High Rise blocks of flats is being hand delivered today by Swindon Borough Council Housing Officers. Below is a copy of the letter and there are also Fire Safety guidance leaflets for High rise and lower blocks of flats as well as sheltered schemes in our Useful Documents section on

Dear Resident,


Following the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower in London I am providing information below to reassure you of the safety measures and procedures in place to keep you safe in your home.

Your high-rise has an annual fire safety risk assessment, carried out by an accredited fire safety consultant with specialist advice from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service Technical Fire Safety Department.

Regular inspections are also carried out to ensure the suitability of the compartmentation within your building this includes checks on fire doors, emergency lighting and escape routes. Fire warning and detection systems are regularly tested as is any fire safety equipment provided for firefighters, such as dry risers.

We have an extremely close working relationship with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service (DWFRS) and have implemented suitable evacuation strategies as a result.

In the event of a fire, all residents and visitors should remain within their flat and prepare to evacuate and wait for instructions from DWFRS. Your building has been designed to provide each occupant with a fire protected flat affording you a fire-safe environment. Only the occupants of a flat involving a fire need evacuate. If however heat or smoke start to affect your flat, then you should leave immediately, closing all doors and windows behind you. Fire action notices are displayed around the building, please take time to read them regularly.

All internal corridors and stairways within your building are considered to be a protected environment and will enable you to safely evacuate. This is the reason why we ask residents not to store items in communal area.

When the full information is known about the tragic Grenfell Tower incident we will carry out a further review to our robust fire safety arrangements that we already have in place. There is some speculation about the external façade at Grenfell Tower being attributable to the rapid escalation of fire. You should be reassured that the external façade to all our residential high rise blocks of flats are of non-combustible materials and not a material used at Grenfell Tower, London.

Should you require further reassurance DWFRS offer free Safe & Well visits which include advice on how to keep your home safe. Please do make time for this very important opportunity to receive specialist advice – call 0800 038 2323 or go to

If you have any concerns at all about fire safety in your building, or need further explanation about this letter, then please phone 01793 463351 to speak to a Housing Officer.

Michael Ash

Head of Housing and Community Safety

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