National Gardening Week

If you are a reluctant gardener who finds gardening a bit of a chore, or your new to gardening and simple do not know where to start, with the onset of Spring and the improving weather the first signs of new growth have started; and it is now an opportunity to start making your your garden ready for the year ahead.

A few simple steps now can give you a head start before the weeds start growing and help you keep your garden tidy:

- Keep your garden clear of dog mess, litter, rubbish and house hold items. Dispose of them in a responsible manner.

- Cut your grass when weather permits first check the lawn for stones and other objects and make sure you are wearing proper clothing, when using electric power tools such as strimmers, hedge cutters and lawn mowers always use a circuit beaker.

- Make sure you know the equipment check the user manual.

- Aim to cut your grass weekly as soon as the weather permits, the first cut should be with the blades set high to remove no more than a 3rd of the grass' height then progressively lower the blades on each cut until your reach your desired length of grass, this should not be less than 2cm.

- If you have allowed your grass to become too long to mow, you may need to loan or hire a strimmer/brush cutter or arrange for a gardener/contractor to cut the grass to a manageable height, the Neighbourhood Wardens may be willing to help you with a one off cut.

- By cutting your grass on a regular basis there will be less need to dispose of the cutting as they will mulch down.

- Keep weeds under control by regular hoeing, digging or removing them by hand.

- Hedges and shrubs should be kept tidy, be mindful of brambles (blackberry's) as they grow at a faster rate and must not be allowed to become a hazard by obstructing rights of way such as public footpaths.

Tenants who are disabled or infirm with no able bodied persons living with them may be eligible for the garden maintenance scheme which provides a grass cutting and hedge cutting service for a small charge. Please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer on 01793 445503 or email: for further details.

To arrange disposal of large unwanted items or to arrange the Green Waste collection service call Street Smart on 01793 445501.

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