2017 Housing Funds consultation

We are currently seeking tenants views on the 2017 Housing funds.

Here you can listen to Mike Ash, Head of Housing, talk to us about the financial situation for Housing in 2017; ready for our next Radio Show on Wednesday 14 December from 2-3pm on Swindon 105.5FM ( www.swindon1055.com )

Below is the consultation summary and a link to the response survey. We'd appreciate 10 minutes of your time to listen to Mike and complete a survey. Thank you.

What's your view?

In 2015 the Government proposed a 1% rent reduction for 4 years. We now need to consult with you on the second year of the Government’s 1% rent reduction and our funding options.

When we compare the income we receive against the monies we spend there is a shortfall of £1.34 million.

Overleaf are some options on how we can utilise funds and minimise the shortfall, to ensure we have enough money to deliver our services and maintain properties to a ‘Decent Homes Standard’.

We’d like to know which options you agree or disagree with. With your feedback the Housing Advisory Forum and Cabinet will be able to make an informed decision.

We are also asking you to think about the following...

In the next financial year we will see a reduction in the housing budget of £1.34 million, unless we do something about it now.

The reason why we have less money than last year is for a number of reasons including; less homes due to the Right to Buy scheme, the rent reduction itself and the increased need to invest in your homes.

In addition, the Council is currently considering a review of how we account for all of our assets (property and land that we own e.g shops, houses, garages, amenity land and some of the highway). This will have an impact in the short term with a reduced income to the Housing account. However, in the longer term, by transferring assets such as garages out of the Housing account and into the Council’s main ‘General Fund’, we reduce long term costs on the Housing account and consequently your rent.

This is also an opportunity to transfer housing that currently sits in the General Fund into the Housing account, which again in time, will increase our income. Overall this is a careful balancing act and tenant representatives are being fully briefed on the implications.

The deadline for your feedback is 22 December 2016.

Please complete the online survey here: www.voiceyourviews.co.uk or you can call us on 01793 445503 and ask for us to post a copy out to you with a pre-paid envelope to return it in.

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