Tenant Scrutiny Serve 'Highly'

As Bristol's Tenant Scrutiny Panel (TSP) were unable to attend Swindon’s bigger networking event back in June due to training commitments, Swindon TSP invited them to a smaller event at the Council's Civic Offices.

They duly arrived, (an hour after the expected time as their Sat Nav decided to direct them via the scenic route... Wootton Bassett) and introductions were quickly made and both Panels settled down to exchange ideas about their working practices.

Swindon TSP shared details of how their Reviews were decided, how they were carried out, and the stages which follow; which is based on how the Housing service is meeting it's Key Performance Indicators (KPI's, from the results of tenant satisfaction surveys for example). Bristol were most interested, and decided that they would also adopt this way of working, as their current process wasn’t as in-depth.

Lunch was served from members of Swindon TSP who have achieved their food hygiene certificate through the Tenant Academy's Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills course (free to tenants), dishing up a home made chilli as the days speciality.

On evaluation, Bristol scored the experience highly, and stated that they would like to host a return event for Swindon TSP, in the New Year.

CEO Samples Scrutiny Soup, with future ideas for Dessert.

Following the appointment of Swindon Borough Council's new Chief Executive Officer, John Gilbert, the TSP decided that it would be good practice, in the interests of partnership working, to extend an invitation to John, to come along to a Scrutiny meeting, have lunch, and generally introduce TSP to him.

Three soups were on the menu from the Swindon TSP, dishing up a wonderful array of homemade Spicy Parsnip, Potato and Leek and Carrot and Coriander.

A two hour slot was arranged, with the agenda being that the event was to be about a getting-to-know-you session.

Over soup and rolls, TSP were informed of John Gilbert’s vision for TSP, and how their role could be expanded. Many ideas were exchanged, and John outlined how he envisioned major growth for TSP, extending into several diverse areas such as a Resolution and Mediation Panel for Anti Social Behaviour, and an involvement with Domestic Abuse (DA), as this sadly, is an area where incidents of DA are increasing.

John explained that because further austerity measures for funding were being expected, the role of TSP was going to become even more valuable, and much bigger and diverse.

The session went extremely well, with time running out before everything could be discussed. John left, with an invitation to TSP to contact him any time, to further examine TSP’s expansion and growth.

Exciting times ahead for TSP!

If you'd like to be involved with the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, or find out more about it, please contact Nicky on 01793 463320 or email: tenantscrutinyswindon@outlook.com

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