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It is with great delight (and disbelief) that this month see’s us with a 1st birthday for the Housing Matters Radio Show.

A year ago we stepped into the unknown and bravely dared to be different with our own show for tenants on Swindon’s local community radio show, Swindon 105.5FM. We understand not everyone has a computer for

e-newsletters, not everyone has time to read a magazine; so with baited breath, nerves and aspiration, we took to the airwaves to produce a light hearted show, with great music, fun and information for our tenants.

I’ve done radio presenting on and off for a number of years, with various shows and stations. Starting off with a Radio presenting course at New College with Shirley Ludford, Swindon 105.5FM Station Manager, leading on to a few shows with the station over the following few years, from 80's Pop to ‘STEM Studio’.

From May this year we’ve had a team of tenants also take part which is fantastic. Their commitment and enthusiasm is infectious and without them, I probably wouldn’t continue to do it, it’d be too lonely in the studio!

Another team meeting this week showed emotions of strength in wanting to deliver news, information and opportunities to tenants in a constructed manner. So passionate are the guys, I remind them that we can’t cover every topic and to stick to what is of most benefit to our audience, you our tenants.

We’ve had some great times, some technical glitches and taxi issues but week after week, these guys turn up and voice their views.

My most memorable show, was of course the first. In a much larger studio than what we have now, it was brimming with activity and conversation. It was like a networking market. We had several guests lined up, both Housing officers and tenants, and external guests such as ‘Mr Runner Bean’. We talked of RE:FRESH bids, allotments, Tenant Scrutiny and more – tenants were signing up for each other’s activities they were there to promote, right in front of me – during musical breaks of course!

We also had Ken Stronach join us for one show promoting the Mushin sessions we hold through the Tenant Academy… Once I got over the shock of Big Merv being in the studio with us too (a 10st dog!).

Having Graham, George, Ken, Peter and Bill on board has been great. They lift the mood, add their views, perspective and experiences on topics we discuss. They’re also doing some training so they can be the DJ in future, I’m looking forward to sitting on the other side of the desk!

The gents keep me on my toes, always keen to have guests in and ‘subject matter experts’, they’re also keen to promote local activities and events – anything and everything that could benefit someone in some way, be it housing or health, gardening or safety these gents want to invite you to share their show.

We’re looking into doing more ‘outside broadcasts’ where we bring the station to you or for something less imposing, pre-recording an interview with our ‘Zoom’ recorder. So if you have some good news, opportunities, advice, handy hints and tips, events, service updates…. Get in touch!

Housing Matters [On:Air] is fortnightly on Wednesdays from

2-3pm. Our next shows are on 2, 16 and 30 November.

You can tune your radio to 105.5FM, listen online at or by using the TuneIn App on a mobile device.

If you’d like to share some information or be involved, please contact Donna on 01793 464427 or email:

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