New job, new things to learn, and new projects

‘Street Rep’ volunteers are passionate about their community, providing an important local link with Housing, and helping to improve communication and the quality of service that is received.

One of my first projects as a Tenant Participation Officer was Street Reps - residents representing areas where they live. How hard can it be? Very as it happens…..

I knew the Penhill area well having been the Lead

Neighbourhood Warden there for several years, so I also knew people that might be interested in this type of role. I made appointments to see them and eventually I had 3 Street Reps.

I was very happy to have a start, so organised our first team meeting, I bought nice cakes and took some tea and coffee. The meeting started at 2pm and finished at 4pm. That was the plan, but by 2.45pm I guess I realised no one was coming. Resilience is a key element in participation and luckily I have plenty of it. I reorganised and finally got the 3 together, (with cake) and slowly we have developed into a larger group.

I have spent hours door knocking looking for Street Reps, signed lots of people up who soon later changed their minds, which by the way is fine. I visited lots of local events which is where I found real progress and now we have 14.

I am comfortable in the knowledge that by this time tomorrow we might have a few less or a few more. Fluid is the best way to describe the numbers in this group.

Managing tenant groups is a challenge and this one is no different. And I love it.

Questions about Street Reps? Ask in the comments box below and I will get back to you.

If you're interested in working with Housing and would like to be a Street Rep, contact me on 01793 463673 or

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