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 New e-learning courses available now!


If you hover your mouse over the images to the right of the page you will find 2 e-learning courses created by the Tenant Academy on gas safety, and condensation and mould. 

Gas Safety

The aim of the course is to inform you, our tenants, of the importance of gas safety and why we need your co-operation to gain access to your home.

While working through the module you will; learn about the signs and dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty gas appliances, learn some facts about gas safety, take a quiz to test your current knowledge, see which areas within the UK are the safest and most dangerous when it comes to gas safety, hear personal stories of people who have had ‘near misses’ with faulty gas appliances, and learn who to contact if you have any concerns about gas safety.

Condensation & Mould

The aim of this course is to give you some information about the causes of condensation and mould, and how you can help to prevent it.

 Everyone who completes the online learning will receive a certificate from the Tenant Academy! 

If you don’t have internet access, request a paper copy of the learning materials by contacting Nick Brock on 01793 464003


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