Information for New Tenants


Your rent is due weekly in advance. However we are happy for you to pay fortnightly, four weekly or monthly, but these payments must also be made in advance to ensure your rent account is never in arrears. A guide to paying your rent leaflet (PDF).

You can pay your rent online at: Pay your council rent.

You will be able to see your rent balance and rent payments made on your My Housing Tenancy (link to webpage).

If you have financial difficulties, it is important that you contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer straight away, before things get worse. The sooner you talk to us, the sooner we can help.


What will happen if I don’t pay my rent leaflet (PDF).

Repairs and Maintenance

At your tenancy sign-up you will be given the contacts details of a Repairs Officer, who you can speak to directly, if you have any repairs or faults within the first 14 days of when your tenancy starts.

After 14 days, If you need to report a repair within your property, this can be reported by phoning the Repairs Team on 01793 445503 or by reporting it online at Request a housing repair.

Emergency repair within your property that is outside of normal working hours can be reported by phoning 01793 695851

Please note that depending on the problem, it is sometimes the tenant's responsibility to make the repair - please see the Tenant's Handbook.

You will be able to see any reported repairs pending on your My Housing Tenancy account, an online account you log into to view your tenancy details.

If you are concerned about damp or condensation in your home then you should speak to the Repairs Team. Damp and condensation leaflet (PDF).

Gas Safety Checks

By law, we must carry out an annual gas safety service for all tenants. It is part of your Tenancy Agreement that you allow us access to check your gas appliances. If you do not let us into your home to do this, you are breaking your tenancy agreement and we may charge you legal costs.

When you move into your new property your gas supply will be capped off, so you will need to ring Housing Repairs on 01793 445503 to arrange for the pipe to be uncapped the next working day.

Anti-Social Behaviour 

You are responsible for the behaviour of every person living in or visiting your property. This includes responsibility for their behaviour in the property, in communal areas, and in the neighbourhood of the property.

If you feel that you are experiencing anti-social behaviour please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, who will be able to offer you advice. – ASB Policy (PDF)



If you have a garden as part of your tenancy then you are responsible for keeping it in a reasonable and tidy condition - Garden Information leaflet (PDF).



If you are allowed to have pets as part of your tenancy, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are kept under control and not cause a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours; and if they foul in any communal areas or in the neighbourhood you must immediately pick it up and dispose of it in an appropriate way. Further information can be found in your Tenancy Agreement.

Fire Safety in Flats

Housing takes fire safety very seriously, and we regularly do fire risk assessments on communal areas of buildings where we have flats. All our communal areas must be kept in a safe and sterile environment at all times. – Fire Safety in Flats (PDF) & Fire Safety in High Rise Flats (PDF).

Home Contents Insurance

Swindon Borough Council does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of tenant's household contents or possessions. We would advise tenants to think carefully about securing adequate insurance cover for this. 

Many insurance companies can provide such cover and tenants have the choice of which one they choose, Swindon Borough Council has an arrangement with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc. who can provide Home Contents Insurance Cover for our tenants.

Neighbourhood Wardens

Swindon's Neighbourhood Wardens provide a service for housing tenants and are employed to work for and with council tenants on council housing estates. 

Local Offers: Housing Standards

We have been asked by the Government to develop Local Offers (PDF) in relation to national standards for the management of council housing within Swindon. As part of this process we asked tenants what services they considered important.

Get Involved

Housing are committed to providing our tenants with plenty of opportunities to get involved and help to shape, influence and improve the services we deliver. We invite you to get involved as little or as much as you like, and so we have different levels of involvement, to suit your needs and the amount of time you may have available.

Please explore this website more to find out about our tenant opportunities and how you can Get Involved!

You can also follow Swindon Borough Council Housing on Facebook and Twitter.


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