Housing Management 

Cabinet Member Advisory Group (CMAG)

Formerly the Housing Advisory Forum (HAF)

The Housing Management Cabinet Members Advisory Group (CMAG), formerly Housing Advisory Forum (HAF), is made up from representatives of Swindon Borough Council's Tenant Groups and Councillors. These tenants represent all tenants of Swindon Borough Council (approx. 13,300).


If you have any comments, queries or feedback on any of the consultations highlighted on this page, please use the feedback form below. By voicing your views, you're giving this group a wider representation and understanding of your views and needs.


CMAG's aim is to:

To consider housing policy and strategy issues that relate to Housing Management Services delivered by the Council to its tenants and leaseholders.

CMAG or the Cabinet Member for Housing may wish to take a wider view on housing issues to cover all of the Council’s housing duties including for example, homelessness.

The Cabinet Members Advisory Group could also look at all housing issues within Swindon, including challenges facing supported housing, private rented sector and other registered housing providers.

Voice Your Views

If you would like to raise any query or concern, submit any feedback or comments on any of the consultations and reports highlighted on this page, please do so by completing the following online form:

Legal Implications

Within the Localism Act 2011 there is a duty to engage and work in partnership with tenants to deliver the Housing Service.

CMAG Members:

Tenant Representatives:

  • Maggie Hathaway-Mills (Chair)

  • Tom Jeffery   

  • Margaret Hudson   

  • Tricia Neville   

  • Sandys Powell   

  • Bridget Root   

  • Percy Ruck   

  • Brian Shakespeare   

  • Martin Wicks  

Conservative Councillors:

Councillor Cathy Martyn   

Councillor Caryl Sydney-Smith

Labour Councillor:

Councillor Emma Bushell

Liberal Democrats Councillor

Councillor Stan Pajak


Committee Officer: Shaun Banks Telephone 01793 463606 

Email: sbanks@swindon.gov.uk

Call Us: 01793 445503   /   Email: getinvolved@swindon.gov.uk   /  Write: Swindon Borough Council, Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH

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