About this site

This site has been created for Swindon Borough Council tenants following discussions on the need for 'their own website', which comprises of content that they need to help keep them informed of opportunities and advice on how to sustain their tenancies.

Tenants originally came up with the idea at a Swindon Tenants Voice event and since then have voiced their views on what content they need and would like to access - all in one place. We hope this site is delivering just that!

The site is managed by the Tenant Participation Team at Swindon Borough Council Housing, but we want regular tenant input! Whether you've spotted a grammatical error or have something to include on the site, from recipe to review - please
get in touch.

Pic: In 2015 Gavin Jones, the Chief Executive at the time came on a RE:FRESH tour with us to see some of the latest succesful bids. This picture was taken at the Nythe Allotments who received £3,000 for some perimeter fencing. In granting this money we also secured a 17 plots just for tenants. 

Call Us: 01793 445503   /   Email: getinvolved@swindon.gov.uk   /  Write: Swindon Borough Council, Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH

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